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2008-02-05 18:51:40 by TW1NS0UL



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2008-03-25 15:58:34

yeah i agree bablefish is complete crap

English )Hello my name is jungleman 10 and i think that this topic is exelent and here is a list of odd words for you to suck at translating

robot superman calculator tescos newgrounds rocks

German) Hallo ist mein Name waldmanrechner und ich denke, daß dieses Thema exelent ist und hier eine Liste der ungeraden Wörter ist, damit Sie am Übersetzen saugen fernshrhen Supermanrechner tescos newgrounds Felsen

English again) Hello is name my forestone 10 and I thinks that this topic is here exelent and a list of the odd words is, thus you at translating sucks television superone computer tescos newgrounds rock

not even close :O


2008-05-08 15:12:54

Now try translating it atleast 10 times , from German to english , english to german... etc

it will be so funny :P