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even has scene select

Right up to the sexiness.

Great job, friggin' filarious. I remember watching that movie when I was 5.

lmao XD

I was running this on my compy(a windows 98) and it got an eeor while playing it XD

Holy shit...

The preview icon looks JUST like this girl at my school I like...

Like, down to the fucking EYEBROWS. No joke.

Fucking crazy.

Zwickel responds:

Send this animation to her!

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Fun, but maybe a bit more variety

I personally like this game. It's fun, it's humorous, and the weapons can be downright hilarious at times(like having your own boat solely for the means of dropping mines), although, and this probably sounds like picking on tiny things a little, but it would of been slightly more interesting to also hve a "melee" branch(like baseball bats, giant hammers, a shark, etc. etc), but again, that's just a suggestion, not a request. However, the enemy variety... well, there was virually none as far as i got(about 5 or 6 levels in.) Sure, they may have looked different, but there were always basically 3.5 types the whole time:
1. Acorn-shooting guys
2.Bee-shooting guys
3. The boss(sometimes)
3.5 Sometimes they'd split into more enemies when they died

Maybe later on in the game there is more variety, in some ass-high level, in which case I personally think you should "condense" most of the new-enemy-type-getting-times, into earlier on, then after that maybe throw a new one in every 2 or 3 levels, to keep them playing.

Now, the sounds. The sounds were funny, creative, and had a nice mixed bag of cuteness and macabre at the same time, like it came from a little kid who watches way too many horror flicks for a 4-yr-old. However, the music variety, again, there was virtually none. Although the song is very catchy, and fun, it would be great to have more than one song for something you'd play for an hour. It's like being stuck in an elevator for an hour after it crashed and the only things that survived were the people and the speakers.

So, recap:
Although perhaps the enemy variety needs a bit of work, the variety(and creativity) in weapons sorta balanced it out, although having both would be much better. Besides that, it was quite humorous, although for a game one would expect to be playing for an hour or two, there should be more than one track. Overall, it's a fun game, and even though I don't want my PETA-loving, flower-power girlfriend seeing this, it's still a blast, and a fresh kick from the same old "LOLOMG THISISFUN" stick-figure failshooters with more-or-less the same palette of weapons and storyline stolen from either Dead Space or GoW.

Needs do do something... interesting

Other than spewing circles with random trajectories that lossely follow sent parameters, nothing cool happens. Make different particle types(i.e. blood, spark, lightning, maybe a few abstract ideas) and make a randomizer that chooses random colors to generally follow(i.e. all blue but different shades) and different effects. And make interaction with it too, i.e. they follow/spew out of the mouse.

A good idea, but needs some work.


I have seen the top of the mountain, my friends, and it is disgusting with vomit-inducingly- poorly-shaded tits.

I give you a 2 for making a ...game.

sharkragon responds:

I'm a begginer on Flash, and I don't know too much about coloring on this program X)
I'll keep improving it :)

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You know what band this remind me of?

Stereo Lab. I swear,I can get high just by listening to them, no substance needed(not saying I'm a stoner- I'd never touch drugs).

ID-N responds:

no?? why not?

thnx 4 ur rev man :)

Better then my stuff, that's for sure.

Makes me melt into space.

Try my stuff, I use something called Psycle, but now I want Fruityloops =C

ID-N responds:

thank u
yes, i will try your stuff and try to ger psycle, (i have never heard before)

If songs were people

I would laugh at this one's tumor.

Fun, though...




fuck-it bucket=trash

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